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Human genome analysis

(First genome)

* DNA Sequencing
Discover the entire genome with whole-genome solutions, or focus on specific regions of interest with whole-exome and targeted sequencing options. 

* RNA Sequencing
Take advantage of a broad range of sequencing techniques for targeted RNA or whole-transcriptome studies.


* Methylation Sequencing
Enhance epigenetic studies with high-coverage density and flexibility enabled by sequencing-based DNA methylation analysis.

(Second genome)

* Whole genome de novo Sequencing

* Whole genome Re-sequencing

* Transcriptome Sequencing

* Metagenome Sequencing

  - 16S / 18S rDNA

Animal, Plant genome analysis

* Whole Genome de novo Sequencing

* Whole genome Re-sequencing

* Exome (target) Sequencing (Genotyping)

* Transcriptome Sequencing
   - mRNA
   - Small RNA


* Influence of genetic variation on nutrition, by correlating gene expression or SNPs with a nutrient's absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects  

* 영양유전체학의 범주는 생리활성을 가지는 영양분자들의 유전자 발현, 단백질 발현 및 염색체 후생유전학 분야를 비롯하여 대사과정에서 동반되는 대사체 발현 분야 등 모두를 포함한다.


* Bio Bigdata 처리기술

* BioMAP 기술

   (대용량/다수 바이오 데이터베이스의 국내 유일/세계 최고급의 초고속 검색 기술)

* 유전체 분석 병렬처리 기술

* Scalable Cloud/Super Computing

* IoT 기반 앱/서버 기술
  (스마트 의약/처방 정보 앱서비스 시스템)

Nutrigenomics care system

The answer may be in your genes

* Nutrient metabolism

* Weight Management

* Food Intolerances

* Eating Habits

* Physical Activity

* Cancer risk Care

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